Healthy Families

The reduction of pesticide use around children is an absolute commitment by BeeSafe®.

The impact that lawn care pesticides have on the health and development of children is being called into question with much more clarity as research continues into how chemical pesticides contribute to many harmful effects on developing children and young adults.

Over the past several years BeeSafe® has demonstrated that achieving a healthy, green and pest free lawn is absolutely achievable without using chemical pesticides.

Just as many doctors and health experts recommend eating organic food whenever possible it should be assumed that parents consider the same when choosing to use pesticides around their homes.

Our commitment to the reduction of pesticides goes beyond our own programs and processes. We are committed to showing the rest of the industry that they must find ways to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides whenever possible.

Environmental Commitment

It’s hard to spend any amount of time with any of our managers, employees or applicators without immediately sensing the environmental commitment of the BeeSafe® Land Care culture. The vast majority of us have been in an industry that has largely been under attack for quite some time….and in most cases rightfully so! The BeeSafe® Environmental Commitment revolves around a few things that may surprise you.

It’s well known that healthy turf grass:

  • Can provide a natural and safe setting for families, sports and activities.
  • Releases oxygen that cools the environment.
  • Acts as a buffer to purify our water supply.
  • Increases the value of our homes and businesses.
  • Traps dust and dirt and absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment.
  • Acts as a natural air conditioner to create a cooling effect on hot summer days.
  • Provides peace, tranquility and quiet to our overburdened and busy lives.

As an organization BeeSafe® promises to never use products or methods that will call into question the positive environmental impact that turf grass has on our lives. We commit to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus runoff, we commit to reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides that cause damage to our environment. We commit to using organic methods and products whenever possible to ensure that our environment is preserved for years to come.

Customer Service

Above and beyond the products that we use and our commitment to the environment and the health of our families is our commitment to excellence.

The appearance of turf is a subjective issue to say the least. There are times when your lawn will look wonderful and there are times, especially during times of difficult weather, that your lawn may not look its best. This is a natural process that at times is difficult to manipulate but one thing we will always have control over is the commitment to treat you with respect.

When you have an issue, please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.

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Why Choose Us

  • I care for your property the way I would care for my own
  • I know how your property, including mature plants, will look year round
  • I am an expert plant shopper
  • I am fully licensed and insured
  • I can provide references upon request

Famous Landscaping Quotes

“All gardening is landscape painting.”
William Kent
“Gardens are the result of a collaboration between art and nature.”
Penelope Hobhouse
“Texture and foliage keep a garden interesting through the season. Flowers are just moments of gratification.”
Kevin Doyle